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The Artists @ SQuare Peach

Erich V

Erich V has been playing guitar since age 13 and is the owner, operator and designer of Allwebco Design Corporation as well as SQuare Peach Music. Erich co-composed and played on most selections offered at SQuare Peach and exclusively composed and played all instruments for the Drama, Piano and Acoustic Guitar sets.

Erich got his start building websites with the creation of Bud Uglly Design in the late 90's. Bud Uglly, and it's sister sites like Ow! and Craaaazy Joe's Internet Bungie Jump, garnered many popular internet awards including a Cool Site of the Day (Back when it was cool) and has been written up in many magazine articles in publications like Yahoo Interent Life, Internet Underground, Web Designer Magazine, Shutterbug Magazine, and Windows Magazine. You can hear his work on the Drama set page.

Erich plays the guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, bass, fado guitar, flute, piano and keyboards, sitar, vocals, timbales, and drums and does all the musical engineering (using Pro Tools) for all SQP music mp3s, as well as designing and maintaining the SQuare Peach website. He also is gifted as far as putting the correct amount oregano and red pepper on a frozen pizza for snacks during the group recording sessions.

Rob F

Rob is the bass player for Heinous Dwayne and has been playing the bass guitar since his early youth. Rob exclusively composed all songs in the SQP Bass set and co-composed and played on almost every music selection offered at SQP. If you listen to the song playing on this page you can hear his rather wicked James Brown impersonation. You can also hear some of his solid bass guitar work on the Rock and Sports/Action set pages as well as his other bass and non-bass musical skills in Video Production Music section.

Rob plays the bass guitar, drums, bongos, congas, djembe, marimba, guitar, piano and keyboards, vocals, as well as some more unusual instruments like; beer bottles with a stick, pocket change, punching bag, violin with a guitar pick, and a rolled up carpet on many of the musical selections. He also can eat pizza.

Chris F

Chris is new and so far has not really done anything except to drink some beer, eat some snacks and bang on a guitar once in a while. More coming later!

Mike O

Mike is lead guitar player for Heinous Dwayne and has been playing lead guitar from a very early age. Mike wrote or co-wrote many songs in the SQP Rock, Ambient, and Jazz sets. You can hear some of his unique lead guitar work on the Jazz Set or Rock Set pages.

Mike plays the guitar, bass, dulcimer, charango, ukulele, shells, gong, erhu (a 2 stringed Chinese fiddle thingy), and China cymbal for SQuare Peach. (He has a particular fondness for the China.)

About the Music

All mp3s on the SQuare Peach website are unique mp3s created by hand using only the very freshest ingredients. These songs are not available on any other website and were written specifically for this website to offer for website music, video and movie soundtracks, on-hold music, Powerpoint and other presentations and any other type of media project without usage restrictions.

Once a week the artist's for SQuare Peach get together to write new songs. Generally we will grab an instrument to get some new ideas about what to write this week, or we will pick the theme we are working on, like Jazz or Rock. The songs are composed on the spot and recorded in a single night. Generally we can do one song in a 3 hour set, but have completed as many as 3 new songs in a single night.

The song on this page "Funkin Wit Dat James" was actually started as a 19 second intro for the Rock intro set. Once we added the voice to the intro we were pretty excited and thought that we could also make a 2 to 3 minute song as well with this idea. We started this song with a drum sample from an older Korg Triton keyboard, added some extra cymbals to the beat, then layed down a bass line written by Rob. Once the bass was completed the song was so cool we could have called this done, but being musicians we could not leave well enough alone, so Rob, probably experiencing some sort of drug flashback, started adding some James Brownish "YEAHS", "HAS", and "GET DOWNS" during playback. We decided to add this to the song as well as a Michael Jackson "AHHHHHHHHHHH" from his "Scream" song. Whispering "chucka chucka" seemed to fit in the bridges, so that was added as well. We did some other questionable impersonations during the song that you can hear near the end of the track including a Christopher Walken line from Pulp Fiction and some Wilford Brimley from the 80's Grape Nuts commercial. The last touch was adding the lead guitar with some nice echoy Line 6 sound. So there it is, 3 hours after we started we had the "Funkin Wit Dat James" song that is offered in our "Humor Set" mp3 packet.

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