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Every music purchase includes our liberal licensing terms to allow for free use and re-use of any music you download from our site. There are no hidden or extra license charges for any type of media project, video, film, mobile app, game or other.

Purchase Singles

Purchase music as single mp3 song downloads. Go to the site map page to select from the music categories.

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Purchase Groups

Discount musical groups of 10 or 20 mp3s. See packages or go to the site map to view music categories.

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Groups also available on most individual category pages.

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Subscribe to download all the music. See the unlimited music downloads page for details and to order.

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Allwebco also offers a mini HTML5 Flash mp3 player. Click for details. This is the same player we use on our website.

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Mp3 Usage Restrictions
Mp3s can be used for any type of project, business, personal, website, video, presentation, Powerpoint presentation, CD distribution. Can be used as part of a media application like a website or software program.

Mp3s can be used on an unlimited number of projects or applications. There are no reuse fees for any project the purchaser has created. Purchaser may not distribute any mp3 files to other parties, corporations or individuals other than as part of a media or software package.

Mp3s may not be resold individually or as mp3 groups. The mp3 files may not be distributed to, or used by other individuals other than the purchaser other than as indicated above.

Purchaser may not claim copyrights on any mp3s sold on this website. Mp3 recording credit to Square Peach may be included in any project or website, but is not required.

All mp3 website music on this site copyright Square Peach Music and Allwebco Design Corporation.

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