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20% royalty free music promotional discount code

Square Peach 20% Mp3 Music Discount Code

Promotional discount code good for 20% off of any music order including single mp3s, group mp3 packages or if ordering the unlimited music downloads.

How to Redeem

Order any music from the Square Peach Music website. Click the order button. Once your complete order is in your cart with all your music selections, in the "coupon code" box enter the following code and click the update cart button:


The Best Priced Royalty Free Music

Square Peach Music already offers the best prices on stock music for websites, film and other media projects. With the above discount code you can save an additional 20% on any of the mp3s from the large selection of competitively priced original stock songs we offer. Not only are our prices some of the lowest available for stock music, also included with every mp3 order is an unlimited use license with no restrictions on how you can use our musical selections. No other usage payments are required for any type of project whether for commercial, business or non-commercial personal media projects.

Why is Square Peach Sound Priced Lower?

Our prices are cheaper than most of our competitors because we love music. Pricing for stock music can be very confusing. Some websites sell songs for $70.00 or more per selection and then have extra hidden charges for how you might use their songs, while others are giving away their music for free. Although it may seem that a song selling for such high prices will have less restrictions or is somehow better, this simply is not true. Our products allow any individual or business to have the same quality music, free from restrictions or hidden costs, as you see on television shows and commercials.

Square Peach music is artist owned and operated.

We just want you to enjoy and use our music!

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Royalty Free Music Promotional Discount Codes

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