What is royalty free music

What Is Royalty Free Music?

Royalty-free music commonly refers to "stock", "library" or "production" music licensed for a single fee, without the need to pay any subsequent royalties.

Music you hear on the radio is not royalty free and may not be used in your own videos and media projects or on your website. You may like a nice Beatles song, but you can not use it in your own stuff. It would be a violation of their copyright.

On the other hand, royalty free music is original (or public domain) music created by artists specifically for other people to freely use for their media projects without royalty or re-use payments. Royalty free music can be used for video, film, movies, YouTube or Google videos, commercials, tv shows, websites, presentations, on-hold phone setups, animations, games, phone and computer apps and software and for any other type of media project.

Once purchased and download, in most cases, no additional use fees are required to use the music freely for any type of media project. Although the music is still owned by the creators, it can be included in projects without credit to the composers being required.

Use Restrictions

Sites like Square Peach Music and most other, but not all, royalty free music sites have few restrictions on the music. Generally the restrictions will include: purchased music may not be re-sold or given away as only the music files alone without any media project included. In other words, the music can be distributed any way, commercial or non-profit, but only as long as it is included with a media project like a film or computer software package, or if it is being used on a website or for a live presentation. One other restriction is that you can not claim that the music is yours. Click to view more details for the Square Peach terms & licensing or see Royalty-free Music at Wikipedia.

You can use royalty free music to enhance your media projects.

Understanding Licensing

If you go to a few royalty free music websites you may notice that you can purchase the music, but then there may be an extra fee for its actual use. Many sites will charge different fees depending on how you use the music. All music offered on Square Peach Music already includes this license and there are never any hidden or extra fees once you have purchased the sound file. Free use is included with every song we sell for any type of project.

Why is Square Peach Cheaper?

We are cheaper because we love music. Buying royalty free music can be confusing. Some sites sell mp3s for $70.00 or more for each song, some give it away for free. The reason behind this is due partly to which sites are corporate owned and which sites are built by artists. Square Peach is artist owned and operated. We would make music regardless if anybody purchased it or not, so we decided to keep the prices low and include a very liberal terms of use and licensing agreement. We really do want you to use our music.

What Do I Do With Royalty Free Music?

You would want to purchase royalty free music to add to and enhance your own media projects. Perhaps you want to add some music on your website or have made a film and need a soundtrack for more drama. Music from Square Peach can be download and freely used and distributed with any project you build. Even if your movie one day becomes a huge hit and makes you a zillion dollars, you still do not need to give us a penny of your profits. Our music, once purchased, is free to use for anything.

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